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Foto estructura Silla Acapulco Akele

Akele Home & design

At Akele Home & Design we are dedicated to designing, producing and distributing furniture,  It all starts with the production of plastic profiles. For more than 50 years, our tradition is to innovate with quality and diversity, which is why our line is so varied and useful. We have been supporting Mexican crafts and talent for years with the creation of bags, baskets, drawers, outdoor and indoor furniture, and we have also extended to the fields of interior architecture with our panel designs, furniture for museums, restaurants, festivals and hotels. 

Estructura Lámpara Mexicana Akele

All over the world.

The results of our effort to obtain the highest quality standards have led us to the point of competing in foreign markets, placing our parts in countries such as Denmark, the US, the Netherlands, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan. , England and Costa Rica, among others, in addition to the interior of the Republic. We are a great team and we have no doubt that this is where our greatest strength lies. We work with good manufacturing practices and we are always interested in following the rules of total quality. 

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