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Silla Acapulco Akele


We offer a selection of high-quality materials to enhance and personalize your chairs, making them adapt perfectly to any style of decoration for your space. 

Discover the difference our materials can make in your interior design projects today!

Silla Acapulco Akele Lazo Natural

natural loop

It is also known as jute or rope.

They are made of a soft, flexible and resistant fabric that comes from the agave leaf.

The furniture that is tiled with this fiber is ideal to be found indoors, whether you prefer a classic style or a more modern one.


It is a synthetic material, whose composition consists of Nylon and polyurethane. 

The string is a durable, versatile and comfortable option for any interior space. In addition, the string fabric is easy to clean and maintain, which makes them ideal for daily use. It is an excellent option to complement any interior decoration.

Silla Acapulco Akele Piola Negra
Silla Acapulco Akele Piel


It is a luxurious and elegant option for any interior space. It is a soft, comfortable and resistant material that offers a feeling of luxury and quality. In addition, it benefits from color over time and develops a unique texture that gives the chair character. The classic and timeless design of this material complements any interior decoration.


Wide range of materials available to materialize your ideas

  • Jute

  • Plastic

  • Fur

  • Palm



We can create any color you have in mind to make your project unique.


We can also adapt the structures to the needs of the project.


The finishes give our pieces the highest quality and durability. Adapted to the needs of the project.

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